Welcome to The First Catalog of TOP 100 Wines from Romania

Asociatia WINB Development, the first WSET centre of Romania, in collaboration with its technical partner WineBook organized the first Top 100 Romanian Wines of Indigenous Grape Varieties at the Kronwell Hotel Brasov, in February 2018.

We thought it is worth publishing the results in a classy catalogue rather than simply posting a naked list on the social media or technical forums. One reason why it has taken a longer time to publish than we initially planned.

The selected jury was composed of winemakers, academics and WSET students. 4 committees of seven juries each and the wines were counter checked by another table. Which means that each wine was tasted by fourteen juries before a medal was given. Exclusively, domestic grape varieties were accepted to the trophy. No participation fee from wineries was requested. The exact number of the labels was 140.

As far as the Catalogue is concerned, it includes the list and short description of the medal- awarded wines, articles on some wineries and interviews with a short number of key winemakers in the Romanian wine business and the indispensable sponsors to the event. It was an amazing experience to have it in a bilingual way.

What is next? We need to grow. In a controllable way. We need to train and cap a jury that speaks a common language. We need to remain transparent and democratic in all aspects. And most vitally to gain, deserve and conserve the credibility of the consumer and producers.

The next event will be held at the Kronwell Hotel, Brasov in the period of 1-3 March. It will be entitled Top 100 Romanian Wines and it will witness the entrance of international grape varieties but with a specific focus on the Romanian grapes and a special supplement on the Fetească Neagră Initiative. And of course our annual thematic Wine Wine Evenings event that already celebrates its 6th Edition.

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